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Most Dietetic Internships (DI) select applicants for appointments through a matching process that occurs twice a year, in the Spring (for appointments in April) and in the Fall (for appointments in November). DI programs participate in either the Spring or Fall match. Some participate in both.

A new registration is required for each Spring or Fall matching period.

All DI applicants must complete a 2-step process

Each Dietetic Internship of interest must receive your application AND must be on your D&D Digital prioritized (ranked) list of Internships by deadline dates. Failure to complete both steps for any Internship will result in no possible match to that Internship.

Registration for the Spring match is open from Dec 1 through February 15 (usually) for Internships that start in April.

Registration for the Fall match is open from July 1 through September 25 (usually) for Internships that start in January.

Refer to the Matching Timeline for a detailed list of important dates and times.

Online Matching Registration with D&D Digital (www.dnddigital.com)


Remember, you must

No match is possible to an Internship that did not receive your application or that you did not prioritize/rank.


Reorder Priorities

Applicants may reorder their ranking of Internships during a special period of time after the deadline to enter and rank Internships. However, new internships cannot be added to an Applicants list during this reorder time period. Refer to the Matching Timeline for a detailed list of dates.